Dr. James T. Reese

CEO, James T. Reese and Associates
Lecturer / Consultant to corporate and public entities
Founder, FBI Stress Management Program


Dr. George S. Everly, Jr.

  Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus, International Critical Incident Stress Foundation

Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness

Dr. Ray Shelton

  Director, Professional Development American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
•  Consultant & Trainer in Crisis / Disaster Catastrophe Response
  Consultant & Trainer in Emergency Service Stress Management, Comprehensive Acute Traumatic Stress Management

Bobby Senn

  Fire Department City Of New York (Retired)

9/11 Survivor


Dr. Laurence Miller

  Clinical, Forensic, and Consulting Psychologist



Dr. Sam Bernard

  Executive Director, PAR Foundation
   President, Bernard & Associates, P.C.

David Fair

  President and C.E.O. Homeland Crisis Institute, Training, Consulting and Response
  Executive Director Crisis Response Chaplain Services - Chaplaincy Training and Response
  Licensed Peace Officer, Author, Speaker, Trainer in Crisis Chaplaincy, Intervention and Compassion Fatigue

Vincent McNally

  Ret. Unit Chief/EAP Administrator FBI
  Ret. FBI Special Agent
President Trauma Reduction, Inc.

Cherie Castellano

  President, Castellano, LLC
  Consultant and Trainer
  Crisis Management for First Responders

Dr. Mary Beth Williams

  Trauma Recovery Education and Counseling Center
  Director, Equine Post-Trauma Recovery, LLC: Horses helping Humans


Daniel J. McGuire

  President, Senior Consultant, CISM Perspectives, Inc.
  EMS, Police and Firefighter Traumatic Stress Educator and Consultant



Dr. Beverly Ann Dexter

  Combat Trauma Treatment Expert


Gary Evans

  Founder and CEO of C.A.L.M., Inc.

Certified Traumatic Stress Specialist


Daniel R. Schafer

  Founder and President Crisis Intervention International LLC
  Founder and Director: ALPHA Critical Incident Stress Management Team


Dr. Michael Mulhollen

  Director, Crisis Counseling & Trauma Services (CCTS)

Troy Bastion

  President, T.A. Bastion Associates Behavioral Investigations

Chairman, Kansas Disaster Response Committee

Member, Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team

David Powers

  CEO, Powers Court Enterprises

Director, Warrior Ministries


Dr. Brad Lindell

  Vice President, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

Clinical and School Psychologist, Statistical and Research Consultant

School Crisis Management Consultant

Dr. Ernesto Randolfi

  University Professor

Health Promotion/Stress Management Consultant


Cynthia Good Mojab

  Director and Founder of LifeCircle Counseling and Consulting, LLC
Clinical Counselor, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Registered Lactation Consultant, Researcher, Author, and Speaker

Consultant and Trainer for Acute Traumatic Stress Management and Breastfeeding/Lactation Management after Traumatic Childbirth, Pregnancy Loss, and Infant Death

Dr. Anna Baranowsky

  CEO and President, Traumatology Institute (Canada)


Dr. George Rogu

  Medical Director and Founder of Adoptiondoctors.com

Danica Borkovich Anderson

Certified Clinical Criminal Justice Specialist
Psycho-Social Gender Victims Expert for the International Criminal Court- The Hague
Executive Director The Kolo: Women's Cross Cultural Collaboration

Catastrophic Crisis Responder, Seattle, Washington



Dr. Patrick DeMarco

  Director of The Colorado Mountain Psychological Services


Warren Dale

  Director, International Trauma Care Services - The Center for Changing Systems



Dr. Rosemarie Amendolia

  Executive Director,Trauma & Addictions Recovery Associates(TARA) 

President,Trauma Research,Education & Empowerment (TREE)

Sherry Todd

•  Founder, E. Kelly Todd Academy' of Traumatology

Founding Member of the Advisory Committee to the Green Cross Board Of Directors


Stephen J. Decker

•  Educational Administrator / School Principal

Producer and Host of "Educational Insights"


Rabbi Dr. Lisa Bensinger

  Chaplain, Vitas Innovative Hospice Care
Associate Rabbi, Temple Sholom (USCJ)

Specialist in Group Dynamics and Thanatology


Marie Rushforth Nuttall

  Director, Clinical Counseling Service, LLC
  Licensed Clinical Professional Counsel
Traumatologist and Certified Grief Counselor/Bereavement Facilitator

Patricia Binder

  Certified Traumatologist, Compassion Fatigue Specialist, Presentations and Workshops
  Co-Director, Kids Can Cope
Recovery Programs for hospitalized children, Pediatrics and NICU and School Crisis Response
Consultant, Biopsychosocial Developmental and Early InterventionTrauma
Research, Underlying neurobiological mechanisms of PTSD, and ITSD, and building resiliency skills in children

Jason Maffia

  Health Services Administrator Queens Private Correctional Facility
  Mental Health Professional, Nassau County Critical Incident Stress Management Team
Team Coordinator, New York City REMSCO Critical Incident Response Team

Steve Nguyen

•  Behavior Specialist 

CNMI Public School System Mental Health Therapist



Kathy Willis

•  Consultant and Interventionist


Dr. Ken Farnham

  Board Crtified Expert In Traumatic Stress
Certified Trauma Responder

Kate Amatruda

  CA-6 Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) Member
  Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress - Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
Red Cross Disaster Service Mental Health Volunteer and Disaster Action Team Leader

Janice H. Hnath

  Licensed Creative Arts Therapist

Dr. Richard Tavernaro

  High School Counselor

Skip Straus

  Founder/President Emergency Ministries

Dr. Darrell Mishler

  Emergency Services Chaplain
  Traumatic Event Liaison Officer



Susan Leys

  President, Critical Success Strategies, LLC

Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations


Dr. Steve Johnson

  Bishop of Faith Covenant Community Church of America
  Certified Pastoral Counselor & Clinical Supervisor

Crisis Response Chaplain Trainer

Critical Incident Defusing & Debriefing Consultant

Nancy Crump-Rikli

  Director, Trauma Support Network



Rabbi Cary A. Friedman

  Consultant, FBI's Behavioral Science Unit

Author, Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement

Raymond Rife

  Principal, CrisisR4 Consulting

Board Certified in Emergency Crisis Response


Barbara Rubel

  Director, Griefwork Center, Inc.

Sherry Russell

  Founder of Catch a Falling Life and Pull Your Own Wagon
Author, Speaker, and Researcher

Origniator of an educational series of Grief and Trauma Workshops


C. J. Caufield

  Founder of Catch a Falling Life and Pull Your Own Wagon
Author, Speaker, and Researcher

Origniator of an educational series of Grief and Trauma Workshops

Dr. Grace Telesco

  Chief of Operations, WolfBear Institute 

Dr. David Bennett

  Director of Trauma Centre (UK)
Executive Director Emerency Trauma Services

The Rev. John Donnelly

  Priest and Hospice
Board Certified Crisis Chaplain


Kathryn Verner

  Executive Director, Stillwater Institute, Inc.
Clinical Director, Jupiter Counseling

Dr. Dorothy McCoy


Lead Instructor, Master Instructor Program South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy


Paul Schweinler

  Member of the Florida Crisis Consortium
Approved trainer for the ICIS

Paul Clarke

  Physician Assistant, Psychiatry

Peter Power

  Managing Director Visor Consultants Limited, London.
Member of Advisory Board - Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness.

Member of Editorial Board CPM Magazine USA.

Terrance M. Tucker

  President, Summit Organizational Solutions, L.L.C.

Robert D. Thompson

  Administrator, State of Louisiana
Founder, Good Samaritan Ministries. Certified Acute Traumatic Stress Management Trainer

Ordained Minister, Certified Police Chaplain, Certified Crisis Chaplain Crisis Negotiator

Diane F. Fojt

  CEO/President - Corporate Crisis Management, Inc.

William R. Clough

  Program Chair, Pastoral Community Counseling Program, College of
Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Argosy University, Sarasota.

Dr. Michael A. Borders

  Clinical & Forensic Consulting Psychologist
  President, Growth Process Integration, Inc.



William R. Ragan

  Aviation Stress Management

Dr. Elizabette Cohen

  Crisis management for pets and the people that care for them



Dr. Paulo Rodriguez

  Grief and Bereavement Counseling and Psychotherapy Research