Bobby Senn

  • Fire Department City Of New York (Retired)
  • 9/11 Survivor


Bobby Senn has 20 years of experience as a firefighter and first responder, 13 of which he spent serving in Brooklyn for the New York City Fire Department. Bobby was one of many New York City firefighters to respond to the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. His experience that morning, along with the months and years following, brought Bobby to deal with the effects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and Anxiety. All of which contributed to ending his career with the FDNY. Since 2002, Bobby has addressed thousands of fire service and law enforcement personnel in regard to his experience. His goal is to inform those that function in the same capacity as he to understand and be aware of the emotional trauma that accompanies such a vocation. His presentation has drawn national attention from major corporations, local and state government associations and first response agencies. His future goals include continuing to address these entities in order to bring awareness, self care, understanding and coping strategies to the forefront. Bobby also hopes to continue to publish his thoughts and experience as a first responder so that his peers, those that provide the emotional care and civilians can better understand the process, prepare for and ultimately accept the results as “normal” response to abnormal events in the wake of tragedy. Bobby earned a B.S. degree attending The New York Institute of Technology, concentrating in Communications and English. Bobby has been married to his wife Christine since 1997. They continue to live on Long Island.

Workshops, Presentations and Seminar Topics

9 / 11: A Survivor's Story:

Working in my Brooklyn fire station on the morning of September 11, 2001, I soon found myself crossing the Brooklyn Bridge into lower Manhattan along side many other members of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY), with the hopes of helping people escape the horror of the attack on the World Trade Center. Within one hour the tragedy would deepen and my own mortality would hang in the balance as the South Tower crashed to the ground killing hundreds and burying me in the Lobby of the adjoining North Tower. After disentangling myself from the wreckage, I, and a small contingent of others still alive, made our way to the street to find the surrealistic event still unfolding. Within moments of my escape from the North Tower, the unthinkable happened once again. Standing within a few hundred feet of the now collapsing North Tower and having no place to seek refuge, I was once again subjected to the energy of the collapse and was nearly buried alive in the street.

Following the collapse of these towers were the grueling tasks of rescuing the injured, removing the dead and recovering the lost in a process that took almost nine months. The physical and emotional injuries endured have taken a great toll on the firefighters and the families of those that survived and those that participated in the recovery effort.

Although unlike any other tragedy ever before experienced in the U.S., the aftermath of this event and the human consequences and challenges faced are not entirely dissimilar to issues that arise from almost any trauma and in perspective, help illustrate the insignificance of “the small stuff’ we all tend to stress over while highlighting the importance of life, love and family.

Through some never before seen photos, video and mostly through my verbal account of September 11th, you will re-live each moment as it happened that morning and throughout the months that followed. You will learn about the emotions that continue to follow and haunt many rescue personnel since this tragic event while discussing the affect of Post Traumatic Stress and how symptoms of this sometimes-stigmatized condition can touch any of us. You will realize the importance of disaster preparedness and better understand the impact that disasters can have on society. Most importantly, we will discuss the critical need for balance in everyday life, the importance of family and the significance of never taking even one day for granted.

PROGRAM LENGTH: 90 minute presentation with additional time for Q&A

Following is a partial list of organizations with whom Bobby Senn has interviewed, consulted or trained:

Los Angeles City Fire Department

Orange County Fire Authority

Redondo Beach Fire Department

El Segundo Fire Department

Manhattan Beach Fire Department

Huntington Beach Fire Department

Long Beach Fire Department

El Camino College Fire Academy

Clarke County Fire Department(Nevada)

Twin Cities Security Partnership(Minnesota)

K-Mart Corporation

Office Depot

Dollar General

Saks Fifth Avenue

National Retail Federation

Target Corporation

Canadian Insurance Adjusters Association

Sorrento Cheese Corporation


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