Rabbi Cary Friedman

  • Consultant, FBI's Behavioral Science Unit
  • Author, Spiritual Survival for Law Inforcement


Rabbi Cary A. Friedman is a chaplain and motivational speaker specializing in law enforcement-related issues. A consultant to the Behavioral Science Unit (BSU) of the FBI, he has been featured on several FBITN "satcasts" addressing "Communities Answering the Call: Ministering to First Responders." He has been a presenter and featured speaker at the FBI "Spirit of the Law" conferences and has addressed LE audiences across the USA, for the FBI, Cop2Cop, and other law enforcement and first responder organizations.

Rabbi Friedman served as Chaplain at Duke University, the Duke University Medical Center, and the Federal prison in nearby Butner, NC.

A member of ILEETA, Rabbi Friedman is an ordained Rabbi and the author of five books. He holds a master's degree from Columbia University and resides in Central New Jersey.

Workshops, Presentations and Seminar Topics

Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement

The focus of this workshop is to provide participants with an awareness of the spiritual issues that present threats to law enforcement officers' careers and personal lives. Multiple spiritual tools for reinforcement and fortification are presented that will help individuals confront the barrage of spiritual stressors that they confront on a daily basis.

Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement Families

This workshop presents an understanding for families of the spiritual stressors confronting their loved one and how they can use spiritual tools to nurture and support the law enforcement officers in their families.

Tools of the Spirit

An in-depth presentation of tools and attitudes that fortify and strengthen the spirit. Included are group exercises as well as individual strategies.

Workshop for Chaplains

A workshop designed to help chaplains avoid the many pitfalls in ministering to the law enforcement community. Issues of diversity, avoiding church-state problems, and the unique needs of law enforcement officers will be discussed.

Following is a list of organizations with whom Rabbi Cary Friedman has interviewed, consulted or trained:

Federal Bureau of Investigation


Shore Memorial Hospital


Royal Canadian Mounted Police

International Conference of Police Chaplains


Rabbi Cary Friedman
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