Dennis J. Carradin, Jr. LPCMH, NCC, BCETS

  • Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
  • Executive Director, New Perspectives, Inc.
  • Principal Consultant, SSC

Dennis J. Carradin, Jr. is a Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health, a Nationally Certified Counselor, a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress, and a Diplomate for the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. Currently, he is the Executive Director of New Perspectives, Inc., a private counseling agency in Delaware, and serves on the faculty of Penn State University, Brandywine Campus. He is a Vice President and Principal Consultant for SSC Consulting. Dennis is a trained trainer for the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and for Crisis Care Network. He serves on three international trauma firms. Dennis is a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician and an Emergency Medical Technician with the state of Delaware. He is a member, director, Fire Fighter, and EMT with Christiana Fire Company in Christiana, Delaware. Dennis serves as a LAST member for the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation in conjunction with the National Fire Academy. He is the clinical director of the New Castle County CISM team. He has attended Millersville University, Temple University, and Walden University. Dennis has conducted numerous debriefings in domestic as well as international disasters, shootings, bombings, bank robberies, corporate incidents, school disasters, and Fire, EMS, Police tragedies.

Workshops, Presentations and Seminar Topics

Workshops: Emergency Services and Disaster Management Presentations:

Group Critical Incident Stress Management
A two day certificate workshop on the essential group skills needed for Critical Incident Stress Management.

• Individuals in Crisis and Peer Support
A two day certificate workshop on how to effectively manage Individuals in Crisis and how to provide peer support to emergency services workers.

• Best Practices in Critical Incident Response
This is a comprehensive one day course which will help the trained individual develop proficiency in critical incident care as well as introduce the novice to the psychology behind crisis counseling.

Law Enforcement Perspectives in Critical Incident Stress Management
Designed to provide insight and understanding of the different types of stress in law enforcement culture from a systems perspectives emphasis, this course will provide practical “back pocket skills” in providing crisis intervention services to law enforcement organizations and individual personnel in crisis.

Line of Duty Death
This program provides insight into the effects of a Line of Duty Death for emergency services workers as well as helps agencies develop protocols for a Line of Duty Death.

Working with Traumatic Events
This programs explores the history and science behind traumatic events providing practical information and strategies for working with man made and natural disasters.

• Crisis Management in Universities
This program helps to recognize the need for a crisis management plan in universities as well as teach the basic steps in the development and utilization of a plan. This program will also explore the nature of a crisis in a university and how to help the student body recover from a critical incident.

• Crisis Management Action Planning
This program helps to recognize the need for a crisis management plan as well as teach the basic steps in the development and utilization of a plan.

• Excited Deliriumo This programs explores the nature, signs, risk factors, symptoms and causes of Excited Delirium as well as provide strategies to avoid Sudden Custody Death Syndrome (SCDS)

Understanding Psychotropic Medications
This program is a basic introduction to the different classes, side effects, and proper treatment of psychotropic medications.

School Shooting and Violence
This program explores the nature, causes, and reactions of school violence and shootings as well as propose possible action plans and strategies for avoiding those situations.

Effective Leadership
This program aims at building essential leadership and communication skills for emergency services workers.

How to Manage Reactions to Man Made and Natural Disasters
This program is designed specifically for Emergency Services workers who work with man made and natural disasters. This program will help the worker develop and maintain a sense of balance and resilience through the most difficult of situations.

• Police Communication and Crisis
This program is designed to identify the role of communication in crisis intervention, to understand communication techniques for establishing rapport, calming, and defusing, to describe strategies for working with mentally ill, developmentally disabled, hostile people, & witnesses, to explain the effects of crises & trauma on officer health and to identify practices for healthy communication with self and others for stress inoculation

Hurricane/Tornado workers - staying safe in a hostile environment
This program is designed to provide hurricane/tornado workers with the necessary tools to work in hostile environments while ensuring their mental and physical well being.

Avoiding Vicarious Traumatization
This program is designed to help emergency services workers and disaster mental health specialists to avoid the pitfalls and damaging effects of Vicarious Traumatization.

Workplace Presentations:

Sexual Harassment and Violence in the Workplace
This program examines the causes, concerns and avoidance of sexual harassment and violence in the workplace.

Grief and Loss
This programs aims at helping companies cope with the loss of co-workers and leaders as well as understanding how individuals and companies grieve after loss.

• Balancing Work and Family Life
This presentation gives the audience the opportunity to examine the balance of their own work/family situation while giving them the ability to simplify life and restore a sense of balance.

• How to Recover from a Career Crash
This program examines the common causes of career crashes, how they affect people, how to recover, and even how to turn the experience into a victory.

• Crisis in the Workplace
This program aims at understanding the causes, the signs, and the recovery from a crisis in the workplace while promoting a positive plan of action.

• Managing Conflict at Work
This program aims at understanding the causes, the signs, and resolution of conflicts in the workplace while developing strategies to avoid future conflicts.

• Manage Your Stress
This program aims at alleviating and managing stress in the workplace as well as helping participants to understand their triggers to workplace stress.

How to Create a Positive Work Environment
This program will teach participants specific ways to make the workplace more positive by motivating and reinforcing coworkers.

Take Charge of Your Life and Have the Best Year Ever!
This program helps the audience to start developing goals and a plan of action that will make positive changes in their work/family life.

Life/Family Presentations:

How to Be More Self Confident
This program explores what makes people feel confident, what self confidence is, and where it comes from. Participants will have the opportunity to identify some specific ways that will make them more self confident and be able to present in a more confident manner.

Minimizing the Emotional Toll of Divorce
This program will help participants learn how divorce affects adults and children in different ways while recognizing the signs of emotional distress. This program will also explore better ways of communication and survival plans after the divorce.

How to be Happy and Mean It!
This program explores what discontentment is and how people feel discontented even though they might be achieving success. The program will help individuals identify strategies to remedy the feelings of discontent.

Managing Anger
This program explores what causes people to become angry and how they can respond to stress more productively.

How People Change
This program will explore the nature of happiness and unhappiness while providing strategies for making life changes and avoiding resistance to change.

• How to Recover From Loss
This program will explore how loss affects people while looking into misconceptions of loss and how to recover from loss.

• Dealing with Guilt and Regret
This program explores the dynamics of guilt and regret and will help people to change the affects from negative to positive in their lives.

• Understanding Depression
This program aims at learning what depression is, what causes it, and how people can find relief.

Before the Wedding: Skills for Marriage Success
This program will help the couple to learn the skills needed for marriage success and develop effective communication strategies for a satisfying marriage.

Parenting 101
This program will help parents understand how to talk to their children more effectively while listening to their needs as well as recognizing the differences between discipline and punishment.

• Relationship 101
This program aims at teaching the essential skills needed to build and strengthen a relationship to ensure its long term success.

Beyond Graduation: The Challenges of a Healthy Life
This program explores the practical side of life after graduating and planning for a successful career.

Following is a list of organizations with whom Dennis J. Carradin, Jr. has interviewed, consulted or trained:

The Pennsylvania State University
Delaware County Community College
Delaware Volunteer Fire Fighters Association
Delaware State Police
New Castle County Police
New Castle County Volunteer Fire Fighter Association
Delaware Technical and Community College
EAPA, Employee Assistance Program Association
PNC Bank
Wilmington Trust
Bank of America
Magellan Holdings
United Behavioral Health
Value Options
The Allen Group
TD Bank
Maryland Emergency Management Association
Christiana Care
Union Hospital of Cecil County
Coventry Healthcare Services
Valero Corporation
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Crisis Care Network
Campbell Soup Company
Deloitte Development LLC.
Playtex Products, Inc.
Delmarva Power
Merrill Lynch
Pinnacle Foods
Proctor and Gamble
Cort Furniture
Wilmington Police Department
Wilmington Fire Department
American Red Cross
Christiana Fire Company
Delaware City Fire Company
Odessa Fire Company
Townsend Fire Company
Middletown Fire Company
Lewes Fire Company
Aetna Fire Company
Singerely Fire Company
Elsmere Fire Company
Cranston Heights Fire Company
Five Points Fire Company
Overland Park Fire Department
New Castle County Paramedics
Sussex County Paramedics
Georgetown Police Department
Middletown Police Department
Dover Police Department
Maryland Fire Chiefs Association
Delaware State Fire School
New Castle County CISM
National Fallen Fire Fighters Association
Cecil County School District
Delaware Today
Pittsburgh Tribune
Delta Airlines
US Airways


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