Kathy Leigh Willis

  • Consultant and Interventionist

Kathy Leigh Willis, M.S., BRI II, CADC II, NCAC II has been working in addiction treatment, family counseling, employee assistance and education for over 26 years. She is a former Executive President of the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC), was inducted by this body into their "counselor hall of fame," served on the Executive Board of the National Association (NAADAC) and served as the National Chair of the "Women and Addiction" committee.

Ms. Willis has been an educator of addiction counselors in many schools including the University of California at Davis in the Addiction Studies Program. She holds a master's in psychology, is a trained interventionist utilizing the Transitional Intervention method which she designed with her partner, Bill Moore. She has designed, trained and run treatment programs for 27 years. She was an educator for 12 years at the University of Nevada's Summer School for Employee Assistance Professionals. She taught on topics such as Addiction Assessment, Professional Ethics & Co-Dependency. She received training on "Critical Incident Debriefing" at this same summer school.

Ms. Willis has created a form of counseling called "Transitional Counseling and Intervention." She is a Board Registered Interventionist and has created a new style of intervention referred to as "Transitional Assessment" which she has taught at the University level and at a National Conference. Ms. Willis owns a transitional home for women in Santa Rosa, CA called Galiana. She works on Post Traumatic issues with the women in the house and in the community.


Workshops, Presentations and Seminar Topics

Professional Ethics

This workshop is for employee assistance professionals, therapists, and counselors. It will explore the ethical issues and differentiation between professional, personal and business ethics, also exploring vicarious liaiability.

Post Traumatic Issues for Women in early recovery from Addiction.

This workshop looks at issues particular to this group of women who are often dealing with sexual abuse, incest, violence and battery as well as remaining abstinent.

Family Systemic Intervention

This workshop will address working with family systems, the family roles in addiction, survival roles, individualizing recovery and working within a whole.

Following is a list of organizations with whom Kathy Willis has interviewed, consulted or trained:

PALM - Problems of Addiction with Labor and Management

EAPA - Both in California and at National Conference on History and process of Interventon. California for Professional Ethics

University of Nevada summer school for Employee Assistance attended by EAP's around the country.

Kathy Willis
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