Marie Rushforth Nuttall

  • Director, Clinical Counseling Service, LLC
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counsel
  • Traumatologist
  • Certified Grief Counselor/Bereavement Facilitator


Marie Rushforth Nuttall holds a Master of Arts in Education and Counseling, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Diplomate/Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and an Advanced Bereavement Facilitator. She also had the opportunity to certify under a one time federal grant issued to a local police department to train, educate and promote domestic violence prevention and advocate for domestic violence victims.

Marie has been working in the field of trauma for 20 years. Her first experience with trauma survivors was as an undergraduate intern in psychology at the Utah State Hospital on Unit 56-B; a forensic unit for convicted sex offenders. The effect of this experience was profound, and since then Marie has explored many facets of trauma, including its effects on the professionals who are immersed in working with traumatized clients, sparking her interest in secondary traumatic stress.

From her initial experience as an intern, Marie has branched out and accepted many opportunities ranging from provision of extensive individual, group and family therapy for both in patient and out patient clients to provision of supervision of 15-17 independently licensed clinicians in a 153 bed, co-ed, RPTC setting for severely traumatized adolescents whose trauma reactions led to behavioral challenges so severe they were unable to remain in un-secured settings.

During the time Marie spent in the mental health field she also served as a forensic sex abuse investigator where she was partnered with a law enforcement officer with whom she made many presentations at local schools, both K-12 and universities, on prevention of and effective ways to handle trauma. Currently Marie is in private practice and is employed by a behavioral health company to provide live and direct care management intervention and de-escalation in crisis situations.

Workshops, Presentations and Seminar Topics

Managing Damage, Remaining Resilient: Identifying and Reducing the Effects of Secondary Traumatic Stress

This workshop was initially presented at the 11th Annual Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists in April of 2004. The presentation identified, defined, provided self assessment tools for and recommended intervetions for symptoms of traumatic stress that appear in the lives of care providers, also known as Secondary Trauma. This workshop is an interactive workshop designed to utilize sensory information as well as verbal physical expressions to connect with our own feelings, needs and level of stability so that we can resposibly care for ourselves and therefore remain in a position to care for others under extreme and traumatic circumstances. It has since been presented at local universities, treatment centers and professional seminars.

Form to Feeling: Art and Sand as Experiential Means to Transformation

The proposal for this workshop has been accetpted by ADED and it will be presented April 15, 2007 at their 29th annual conference. This workshop/seminar is experiential and interactive in nature as it explores death as loss and investigates the critical role creativity, sensory and experiential events play in a person's ability to live a meaningful vs. an empty existence after having suffered a significant loss.

Following is a partial list of organizations with whom Marie Rushforth Nuttall has interviewed, consulted or trained:

American Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists

Utah Valley State College

Department of Integrated Studies

Heritage Schools, Inc.

American Association of Death Educators and Counselors ( Scheduled for Spring 2007)


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