Nancy E. Crump-Rikli

Director, Trauma Support Network

Nancy Crump-Rikli earned a M.S. degree from Central Missouri State University in Social Gerontology, and another from Avila College in Counseling Psychology. For the past 30 years, she has worked in various positions as a grief counselor, trauma specialist, and trainer in grief and trauma. She co-founded the Grief Support Network and founded the Trauma Support Network in Kansas City. She is a certified trainer for the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation in the following courses: Assisting Individuals in Crisis, Group Crisis Management, Suicide Prevention, Intervention, & Postvention, Law Enforcement Perspectives for CISM Enhancement, and Grief Following Trauma. She is one of the authors of the GRief Following Trauma course. She is a trainer for the Crisis Intervention Team for the local law enforcement agencies and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. She is a member of The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and earned a Board Certification in Bereavement Trauma. She is also a member of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and earned a Certification of Specialized Training in Schools and Children Crisis Response.

Workshops, Presentations and Seminar Topics

Assisting Individuals in Crisis (ICISF)

This workshop focuses on the understanding and communication with people experiencing a crisis to provide support and referral.

Group Crisis Management (ICISF)

This workshop focuses on the understanding of group dynamics and various group crisis management interventions.

Suicide: Prevention, Intervention, & Postvention (ICISF)

This workshop focuses on the understanding of signs and symptoms of potential suicides and methods of providing immediate intervention and follow up with individuals who have experienced the suicide of a loved one.

Law Enforcement Perspectives for CISM ENhancement (ICISF)

This workshop focuses on the understanding of the "Blue Culture" and the stresses inherent in law enforcement.

Grief Following TRauma (ICISF)

This workshop focuses on the understanding of how a traumatic event can impact the grief process and learning ways to support individuals and families through the process.

Helping Grieving Children and Adolescents

Learn to understand the perceptions of death and reactions based on developmental age, identify what children and teens need from adults, warning signs of complicated grief, and suggests appropriate interventions.

Grief in the Elderly

This workshop assusts attendees in identifying factors that make grief different for the elderly, how they cope with loss, and interventions that are helpful.

Helping Traumatized Children and Teens

This workshop reviews the trauma experience and its possible effects on children and teens, discusses warning signs, resilience factors, and possible interventions.

Caring for the Caregiver

This workshop focuses on the price of caring in stressful jobs, what makes caregiver stress different, who is vulnerable, signs of caregiver stress, and interventions.

Loss and Violence in the Workplace

This workshop expands the notion of grief to many different losses in the workplace with statistical information, identifies how loss may be manifested in the workplace, how managers and co-workers can help, and warning signs that may lead to workplace violence.

Death Notification

This workshop is for professionals who may be responsible for providing death notifications. Discusses the importance of providing good death notification skills, the long-range impact of poor death notification, how to prepare to make a notification, and making the notification.

Anticipatory Grief

This workshop is an overview of researech and the multidimensional aspects of anticipatory grief with an emphasis on reactions of both the dying and those grieving the anticipated death. Discusses the needs of the anticipatory griever, factors for poor bereavement outcome, and suggestion of ways to help.

Following is a list of organizations with whom Nancy Crump-Rikli has interviewed, consulted or trained:

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation

The Salvation ARmy

Truman Medical CEnter, Hospital Hill

Research Psychiatric Hospital

D.W. Newcomer's Sons Funeral HOmes

Greater Kansas City School Counselors

North Kansas City School District

Olathe School District

Liberty School District

American Business Women's Association - National


Liberty Hospital

Mattie Rhodes Counseling Center

Hope House

Grief Support Network

Omaha, NE, Grief Support Network

Columbia, MO, Grief Support Network

Survivors of Suicide Support Group

Parent's of Murdered CHildren

All Hazards Behavioral Health Symposium

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

National Council for Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

University of Missouri at Kansas City

Avila College

Johnson County Community College

Blue River Community College

Raymore-Peculiar School District

Oak Grove School District

Crisis Intervention Team National Conference

ICISF World Congress

Nebraska CISM Team Conference



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