Patricia R. Binder, MC., Ph.D.(c), F.A.A.E.T.S.

Executive Director, Domus Angelorum, Trauma and Compassion Fatigue Services for Individuals, Children and Family survivors of Trauma


Perhaps it was not I who chose the Trauma Field, but Trauma itself that chose me. When my sister's husband died of a heart attack in DisneyWorld in the presence of their 6 and 12- year- old children, I stopped at The University of Phoenix on my way to the airport, and enrolled in the Child and Marriage and Family Therapy Masters Program. How does one help a family in DisneyWorld who must stay three days for a mandatory autopsy of their father in the "happiest place on earth?" DisneyWorld at that time did not know what to do for my sister’s family except to completely “comp” their stay. Only three of the four family members would return home. My sister and her children flew home to Connecticut on one plane, and I flew home on another, with the body of her husband.

Trauma has many faces, and is delivered in many ways, all with unspeakable horror. One is helpless to stop it, and must face a terrible loss of innocence and safety. One is forever changed in one moment in time. The road back from survivor to thriver is a long journey and needs the delivery of compassionate, empirically delivered trauma services.

Trauma has a way of etching itself indelibly in one's mind and body. Helping people such as my sister and our family and family friends who have lost their children to car accidents and murder, would take more than a Master's Degree. I went on to enroll in a Ph.D. program in clinical psychology, and have studied at The International Institute of Traumatology in South Florida, Harvard Medical School, and currently at Fielding Graduate University. I have certified in Accelerated Field Traumatology, Traumatology Treatments, Systemic and Contextual Traumatology, and Compassion Fatigue. I have been blessed in my trauma studies to be taught by incident commanders of the New York 9/11 Disaster, and many of our finest founding scholars and research scientists of the trauma field: Bessel van der Kolk, Charles Figley, Jim Norman, Eric Gentry, Donald Meichenbaum, Rachel Yehuda, Tiffany Field, Debra Bendell, Ed Tronick, and T. Berry Brazelton.

The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress has board certified me as an Expert in Traumatic Stress, Illness Trauma, and School Crisis Response. I have worked with children and families for twenty-five years. Currently, I co-direct a Cancer Counseling Program at one of our hospitals for children facing the loss of their parents from cancer. My research focus includes continuing to uncover the underlying biological mechanisms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), building resiliency skills in children and continuing to find methods and interventions to deliver current empirical PTSD treatments that work, facilitating the path from survivor to thriver. It also remains my passion to champion the importance of Compassion Fatigue: Who shall care for those who care for others? It is my honor to become a member of The Speakers Bureau. I will speak not only from an empirical base, but also, more importantly, from the footprints of trauma, and from the heart.


Workshops, Presentations and Seminar Topics

Compassion Fatigue Presentation

For doctors, nurses, community members caring for family members, social workers, counselors, this presentation addresses the recognition and reduction of symptoms of professional burnout, with self-test, and clinically significant interventions to reduce compassion fatigue symptoms in the caregiver.

Childhood Grief and Traumatic Loss

Tears and Fears in The Nursery:Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in the NICU
This presentation addresses the need for the awareness of Post Traumtic Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the parents of NICU babies... for doctors, nurses, child life specialists, counselors, and social workers.

Coping and Resiliency Skills for Children, Adolescents and Families facing Cancer

The Wellness Community

Banner Thunderbird Samaritan Regional Medical Center, Kids Can Cope Program
Psychological Issues in Medical Teams Responding to Weapons of Mass Destruction: The focus is on Medical Personnel and Disaster Responders on understanding the complexities and trauma of responding to Weapons of Mass Destruction.

:Psychological Issues in Responding to Natural Disaster for Medical Teams

The focus is on Disaster Responders learning to cope with deployments to a federally declared disaster and how to assist others in a forward triage arena.

Trauma in Chronic Pain Patients

Understanding the complex issues that patients experience with chronic pain - both psychological and physical. Emphasis on helping the chronic pain patient learn to cope with their lifestyle and develop health adjustments.

Bariatric Surgery Patients- Beyond Surgery

This takes a look at the difficult adjustments many Bariatric Patients experience prior to surgery and following the surgery. Factors that helps establish success and failure is discussed.

Attention Deficit - An Ongoing Struggle

The focus of this presentation is on the understanding of the difficulties experienced by both children and adults with Attentional Deficits and how to assist them in developing positive self-esteem and coping strategies.

Following is a partial list of organizations with whom Patricia Binder has interviewed, consulted or trained:

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Harvard Medical School

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Phoenix Children's Hospital

Paradise Valley Community College

The University of Phoenix

The Wellness Community

The Newsong Center for Grieving Children

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

The Mercy Center

The International Center for Conflict Transformation

St. Joseph's Hospital

The University of South Florida

The University of Arizona Mini-Medical School


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