Raymond Rife

  • Principal, CrisisR4 Consulting
  • Board Certified in Emergency Crisis Response

Raymond Rife is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in emergency crisis readiness, response and recovery services. Ray has worked in all phases of service delivery during his 35 year career as a psychotherapist and community mental health professional. His interest in crisis response was born early as an on-call responder in a crisis intervention program for the severely mentally ill. As a psychotherapist, he developed an interest in the effect workplace issues have upon the individual and how personal development affects the climate of the workplace.

Since 1998, he has focused primary attention on serving businesses and organizations impacted by critical incidents in the workplace. He has responded to workplace deaths, robberies and downsizings in more than 50 organizations, many of whom are routinely included on Fortune 100 lists. During 9/11 he was assigned to work in New York City for five weeks, three of which were at Ground Zero working with ancillary personnel at the site.

Ray Rife is a Certified Expert in Acute Traumatic Stress Management and a Board Certified in Emergency Crisis Response. He has spoken to civic organizations on emergency crisis preparedness and response, and was invited to address the International Convention of Connected International Meeting Planners Association in Prague, Czech Republic in November of 2006. His presentations are informative and provocative. Ray gives keynotes and workshops on emergency crisis preparedness and response and responds to critical incidents domestically and internationally.

Workshops, Presentations and Seminar Topics

StressBusters, Cracking your Personal Stress Reaction Code

"StressBusters" is a one-hour keynote, or two, three or six-hour seminar. The presentation defines the factors that create stress in every day living and presents an easy to understand model for assessing personal stress reactions. In the seminar format the program provides practical techniques for recognizing and managing stress responses.

Overcoming Fear in the Face of Violence

A Keynote presentation on handling fear when confronted with threats to personal safety. Based on the effects of an armed robbery on personnel of a bank branch office, the presentation reflects on the skills victims used to encounter and overcome their fears during and following the event.

When Your Co-Worker Dies: Grieving While You Have a Business to Run

A client once said "In some ways losing a relative is easier than losing a co-worker. At least, when you lose a family member you can take family leave and grieve in private. When you lose a co-worker, you grieve your loss with co-workers, but still need to focus on getting the job done. Work doesn't' stop because someone has died." This seminar is tailored for companies experiencing the loss of an employee, manager or executive. It focuses on facilitating employee's grief and capitalizing on strengths and lessons learned from previous periods of stress and loss.


As an anesthesiologist in a tertiary care center in Buffalo, NY, I encounter such scenes as adrenaline overdrive and intensive anxiety reaction from surgical patients on a daily basis. It never stops to amaze me how a sympathetic ear, a consoling heart and a sense of humor can add colors to an otherwise darkened world. Your talk on "Overcoming Fear" flashed new insights to my psyche and solidified the fact that in order to subdue fear you need to know what this clinical entity entails. . . . It was one of the best I have observed on the field of vaporizing the fear factor in human terms.

Ernesto Yu, MD
Buffalo Anesthesia Associates
Buffalo, NY

The room fell into a reverent hush as Ray Rife, speaking in the first person, effectively captured the moment where he encouraged the woman to tell about her part in this tragedy. Ray somehow recreated that very special one-to-one moment for the entire audience where it felt as if we were all actually listening to the conversation between he and the woman who was being debriefed. Ray's knowledge and expertise in this area is extraordinary. His presentation was spellbinding. I would encourage anyone interested in critical incident stress debriefings to attend one of his presentations.

Tom Barrett, Staff Development Specialist
Crisis Intervention Specialist
Buffalo Psychiatric Center
Buffalo, NY

Following is a list of organizations with whom Raymond Rife has interviewed, consulted or trained:


BB & G, Bank

Bristol, Myers, Squibb

Brooks Electric

Cablevision (NYC)



Cheesecake Factory

Chi Chi's

Client Logic


Commerce Bank


Crisis Care Network

Crisis Management International

CVS Pharmacy

Electronic Data Systems

Fleet Bank

GE Capital

Hartford Insurance Company

HealthNet Federal Governmental Services

High Industries


McKee Foods

Mellon Bank (Dreyfus Division)

Mensha Corporation



PEP Boys

Progress Bank

Rite Aide

Rohm & Haas


SAS Airlines

Sovereign Bank

Sprint Airgate

Standard & Poor's (Dow Jones Division)

State Farm

Union Planter's Bank





Worthington Industries

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