Sherry Russell

  • Founder of Catch a Falling Life and Pull Your Own Wagon
  • Author, Speaker, and Researcher
  • Originator of an educational series of Grief and Trauma Workshops

Sherry Russell has worked in Grief and Crisis Management for over twenty years. She is the originator of a series of educational Grief and Trauma Workshops(R) which are currently being utilized in Funeral Home Aftercare Programs and in Community Outreach Programs. She is the founder of Catch A Falling Life and Pull Your Own Wagon. Catch A Falling Life is a think tank of educational resources for businesses as well as resources for those in pain from all types of loss and crisis. Pull Your Own Wagon offers an innovative interactive series of workshops and educational material for children.

Sherry is an accomplished writer, speaker and researcher. Her five-star grief book, Conquering the Mysteries and Lies of Grief, is being utilized in college classrooms in the US and abroad. She has been acknowledged for her ability to touch the human heart while helping those in need to dissect their grief. Her inspirational and self-help articles have been published in magazines and e-zines.

Sherry is on the Board of Advisors for several non-profit organizations, volunteers with "at risk" teens and grief support groups. She is a frequent presenter for CEUs for licensed mental health workers, psychologists, and social workers. She is Board Certified in Bereavement Trauma and a Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

Workshops, Presentations and Seminar Topics

Science of Coping

No one is immune to crisis/grief events. A good employee may seem like a bad employee when saddled with crisis. This workshop concentrates on how to handle the challenging tasks of retaining good mental and physical health while restoring focus on the job.

How to Unlock the Mysteries and Lies of Grief/Crisis

By covering the human elements combined with the newest research and qualitative studies, this workshop reaches new levels for thinking outside the box when dealing with those that are hurting. The workshop focuses on how loss dominoes into every area of a person's life and how the family dynamics are affected

Human Resources: Understanding the Uniqueness of Perception

The workshop is given in a creative and fun way to open the avenues of thinking and change perceptions. It uniquely covers levels of thinking skills, coping skills, trauma related danger signals and family dynamics. By understanding why each person is unique, why perceptions are different and how to listen to one another, the employer can spin straw into gold and retain a healthy environment from which all employees can be productive

Following is a list of organizations with whom Sherry Russell has interviewed, consulted or trained:

28th Annual Sharing Our Best Conference State Developmental Center

Association of Death Education and Counseling Annual Conference

Compassionate Friends National Conference\

HR Southwest, Human Resources Conference and Exposition

Hospice 8th Annual Conference

Women's Heal Me National Conference

Florida Writer's Workshop

Hospice House

Veterans Administration

Community Grief Workshops

East Tennessee State University


Sherry Russell
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