Susan Leys

  • President, Critical Success Strategies, LLC
  • Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Susan A. Leys M.Ed., B.C.E.T.S. Susan Leys' career in healthcare spans 15 years and includes patient care, program development, organizational development, consulting and coaching. She has presented lectures to healthcare professionals, organizations and schools on topics consisting of stress management, teamwork, and performance enhancement. Additionally, Susan has assisted healthcare organizations with the development of skills to triage, assess and disposition patients presenting to Emergency Departments and acute care settings with behavioral health symptoms and illnesses in a manner that enhances care and collaboration across levels of care.

Susan specializes in coaching RN's, physicians and counselors who want to optimize their performance, communication and coping strategies in fast-paced, critical situations. An avowed "crisis clinician", Susan has combined her love of healthcare with her desire to help those who work hard at saving lives and assisting patients with the care, knowledge and skills to manage their medical illnesses.

In addition to her professional skills, Susan is also a member of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, the American College of Healthcare Executives and was recently accredited by the Institute for Independent Business International. She is the President of Critical Success Strategies, LLC, a healthcare consulting firm offering innovative strategies for excellence in healthcare.

Workshops, Presentations and Seminar Topics

Stress Less / Dream Team: Creating Compassionate, Collaborative Clinical Teams in Fast-Paced Healthcare Environments

This presentation educates clinical teams on the communication skills and defenses used by healthcare professionals in hospital systems. It also provides information and skills on how to utilize defeneses effectively and enhane relationships when communicating with patients and family members in acute care environments.

Stress Management and Burnout for Healthcare Professionals

This presentation defines and identifies the physical and emotional signs and symptoms of stress and the progression towards burnout. This presentation encourages participants to work collaboratively in understanding the nature of stress and identifying coping skills to manage their stress effectively.

Triage, Assessment and Disposition of Patients with Behavioral Health Illnesses and Symptoms in Emergency Departments

Provides healthcare teams with educational (assessment and treatment information) for patients presenting to Emergency Departments with behavioral health illnesses and symptoms in a manner which decreases the time-in-department for patients while enhancing collaboration and communication across levels of care.

K.A.I.P.O. - A Model for Addressing Patient Aggressiveness in Acute Healthcare Environments

The acronym K.A.I.P.O. stands for Knowledge, Assessment, Intervention, Perception and Opportunity and assists healthcare professionals with solution-focused knowledge, assessment and intervention with patiets in acute healthcare environments. Once the interventions have taken place, the clinical team is encouraged to address the perceptions of their intervention to determine if further intervention is needed or, if not, look for opportunities to provide better care based on their evaluation of the events which took place. This model assists hospitals with decreasing violent situations as well as enhancing team cohesiveness and retention. It incorporates ATSM in the evaluation process.

Assisting Children and Adolescents with Managing Stressful Events

This program educations parents on how to educate and assist children and adolescents who may have experienced traumatic events. The program encourages participation from parents and students about their experiences and utilizes information and research which considers the age and developmental issues of the children and adolescents affected.

Following is a list of organizations with whom Susan Leys has interviewed, consulted or trained:

Department of Health and Human Services

Frederick County Public Schools

Hackettstown Regional Medical Center

Jefferson Memorial Hospital

Montgomery County Crisis Center

National Association of Social Workers

Prince Georges County Public Schools

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital

St. Vincents Hospital at Westchester

The Center for Psychiatry at Holyoke Hospital

Washington Adventist Hospital


Susan Leys
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