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The Traumatic Stress and Crisis Management Stress Bookstore is the distribution center for traumatic stress and crisis management resources for The National Center for Crisis Management. The Center's bookstore offers resources for the professional and survivor alike in assisting them in dealing with traumatic stress and crisis management situations.

The Center, in collaboration with The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, has published several books that help professionals address the the emergent psychological needs of those in crisis and crisis management situations. The Center has also selected books that address traumatic stress and crisis management for inclusion in its bookstore. It is the Center's intension to expand this bookstore so that educational materials are made available to those who meet the needs of individuals and organizations in crisis.

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Price: $26.95

A Practical Guide for Crisis Response in Our Schools: Fifth Edition
Mark Lerner, Ph.D., Brad Lindell, Ph.D., Joseph Volpe, Ph.D.

A Practical Guide for Crisis Response in Our Schools: Fifth Edition conveys critical information to assist schools in responding effectively to “everyday crises” as well as school-based disasters. It is an invaluable resource for administrators, support personnel and faculty.






Price: $19.95

It's OK Not To Be OK ... Right Now
Mark Lerner, Ph.D.

This book will help to keep your traumatic life experience from becoming your life. It will teach you what you need to know now and empower you with practical strategies, not just to survive this traumatic experience, but to truly thrive in spite of it.









Price: $30.00

Group Crisis Support: Why it works; When & How to provide it
Jeffrey Mitchell, Ph.D.

Group Crisis Support is a straightforward, practical guidebook for anyone providing either crucial information or crisis support services to distressed groups. More than a hundred years of sound crisis intervention theory and positive-outcome research back up the guidelines in the book.






Price: $24.95

Comprehensive Acute Traumatic Stress Management
Mark Lerner, Ph.D. and Ray Shelton, Ph.D.

Comprehensive Acute Traumatic Stress Management (CATSM) addresses the emergent psychological needs of individuals, groups and organizations before, during and after a traumatic event. CATSM is a Traumatic Stress Response Protocol for all people who endeavor to help others during times of crisis.









Price: $25.00

Pastoral Crisis Intervention
George Everly, Jr., Ph.D.

Pastoral Crisis Intervention is one of those rare, truly groundbreaking books! Dr. Everly, who first coined the term "pastoral crisis intervention" and initially defined the field, now offers to define the practice. Pastoral Crisis Intervention is essential reading for clergy, pastoral counselors, and laity alike. It should be mandatory reading for all students in formal religious education.






Price: $38.00

Integrative Crisis Intervention and Disaster Mental Health
George S. Everly, Jr., Ph.D. and Jeffrey T. Mitchell, Ph.D.

This book, by two of the "founding fathers" in the field of disaster mental health, summarizes the state-of-the-art. It reviews the important historical foundations of crisis intervention, the birth of the field of disaster mental health, and the evolution of the integrated continuum of crisis and disaster mental health services as an emergent standard of care.









Price: $24.95

A Practical Guide for University Crisis Response
Mark Lerner, Ph.D., Brad Lindell, Ph.D., Joseph Volpe, Ph.D.

A Practical Guide for University Crisis Response provides a structure and process for effectively managing the wide spectrum of university-based crises - from the seemingly mundane to the most severe. It is an invaluable resource in preparation for, and during, actual crisis situations and serves as a meaningful standard for our nation’s colleges and universities






Price: $42.00

Practical Concepts and Training Exercises for Crisis Intervention Teams - Second Edition
Dennis Potter, James A. Stevens, Paul LaBerteaux

Productive simulations which move beyond routine role-play and incorporate complex situations with variable options, unanticipated developments, and elements of duress. Firefighter, law enforcement, school, and community-based scenarios.









Price: $17.00

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Firefighters
Paul J. Antonellis, Jr., MA, CAS, Shannon Gwin Mitchell, Ph.D.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Firefighters: The Calls That Stick with You describes three case stories of firefighters who developed PTSD and how the disorder affected their professional and personal lives. Geared towards firefighters and their families, the book examines the personality and environment stressors that make firefighters vulnerable to developing PTSD.






Price: $24.00

Psychological Counterterrorism and World War IV
George S. Everly, Jr., Ph.D. and Cherie Castellano

"For all of is a road map for understanding a dynamic and changing subject that is truly a matter of life and death. We are at war! Our key weapon is psychological understanding of anxiety and coping. Written by authors who have vast real life experience from Kuwait to the Twin Towers.









Price: $16.95

It's OK Not To Be OK ... During a Challenging Life Experience
Mark Lerner, Ph.D.

In this audio book, Dr. Mark Lerner will teach you what you need to know. In session one, he provides practical information that will help you understand what’s happening to you now—so you can regain a sense of control. In session two, he offers strategies that will ease your pain, keep you functioning and lessen the likelihood of ongoing emotional suffering. In session three, Dr. Lerner will help you to survive and thrive.






Price: $15.00

Scenes of Compassion: A Responder's Guide for Dealing With Emergency Scene Emotional Crisis
Timothy W. Dietz, B.S., EMT-P

This book offers the education and insight needed to become aware of the tremendous impact that emergency responders have even during the most brief encounters with people going through significant emotional events. The book discusses the nature of crisis response, the reponsiblity of emergency responders, and special considerations in dealing with children and the elderly as survivors.









Price: $27.00

The Assaulted Staff Action Program
Raymond B. Flannery, Jr., Ph.D.

As the level of violence has increased, many organizations have had the desire to create their own in-house, peer-help victim debriefing team. The Assaulted Staff Action Program (ASAP) is a voluntary, peer-help, systems-wide, crisis intervention approach for coping with the psychological aftermath of violence.






Price: $22.00

Conquer Anxiety, Worry and Nervous Fatigue:
A Guide To Greater Peace
Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph.D.

This book focuses on helping you understand and overcome the general worries, anxiety, and nervousness that can take the joy from your life and predispose you to anxiety disorders. You'll learn to recognize and understand the unusual symptoms. Step-by-step instructions guide you through proven strategies to conquer your symptoms.









Price: $16.95

Surviving and Thriving: Living Through a Traumatic Experience (Compact Disc Edition)
Mark Lerner, Ph.D.

This program provides practical information that will ease your pain, keep you functioning and lessen the likelihood of long-term emotional suffering. Most importantly, it will help you to see the opportunities that a crisis can bring.






Price: $28.00

Violence in the Workplace
Raymond B. Flannery, Jr., Ph.D.

Dr. Flannery outlines specific strategies for risk management. This involves special pre-incident training to prepare workers should an incident occur as well as ways to help employees develop skills in stress management. Should a violent episode occur, the author provides an organized program for dealing with violence and its traumatic aftermath.









Price: $24.00

Psychological Debriefing:
A Leader's Guide For Small Group Crisis Intervention
Atle Dyregrov, Ph.D.

A practical workbook that assists leaders in conducting effective small group interventions for people who have experienced sudden, dramatic events. The concepts and suggestions presented are based upon core crisis intervention principles.






Price: $22.00

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: The Victim's Guide to Healing and Recovery
Raymond B. Flannery, Jr., Ph.D.

This book will help you understand what posttraumatic stress disorder is, what are its signs of distress, and how it is linked to addictive behavior in many victims. If you have PTSD, it will then help you learn what feelings your traumatic event(s) has (have) stirred in you, and what you can do to recover successfully and get on with your life. The author has worked with many victims of rape and childhood physical and sexual abuse.









Price: $39.00

World War II Survivors: Lessons in Resilience
Glenn R. Schiraldi, PhD

What keeps people functioning and same under conditions of extreme duress? Look into the hearts and minds of 41 remarkable individuals who survived the combat of WWII and emerged well-adjusted.






Price: $20.00

Aftermath: In the Wake of Murder
Carrie M. Freitag and Margaret Kerouac, Contributing Editor

Aftermath takes readers on a tour of the law enforcement and criminal justice system from the murder investigation, through the prosecution, and beyond the verdict. It examines how competing definitions for justice play out in the courts and the media. Aftermath encourages readers to question and consider many fundamental aspects of our country’s system for handling crime, justice, and public safety.









Price: $16.00

Establishing and Maintaining Peer Support Programs in the Workplace (3rd Edition)
Robyn Robinson, Ph.D. and Patricia Murdoch

This book presents guidlines for establishing peer support programs based on the authors' experiences in developing such programs throughout Australia. Included are descriptions of a five-day peer training program and references to assist in program planning. The sections on running programs on a daily basis and program evaluation have been expanded to a variety of settings and not exclusively for emergeny services.






Price: $13.00

Hope and Help for Depression: A Practical Guide
Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph.D.

Clinical depression is a serious health problem affecting millions of people. It destroys families and ruins careers. Surprisingly, most people fail to recognize or treat it. This book helps clients/patients learn what depression is and what can be done to treat it. There are many treatments, some of which are professional, while others are self-managed. This book will help you find the treatment that is right for you.









Price: $16.00

Becoming Stress-Resistant: Through the Project SMART Program
Raymond B. Flannery, Jr., PhD

People from all walks of life who have used the principles and methods presented in these pages have experienced rewarding changes and better health in their lives. Stress is a normal part of living and this book provides an invaluable resource for life-giving change. Now is the time to become prepared--to become stress-resistant for the events that will unfold in the days to come.






Price: $17.00

Am I Alive? A Surviving Flight Attendant's Struggle and Inspiring Triumph Over Tragedy
Sandy Purl with Gregg Lewis

This story tells of one flight attendant's struggle with posttraumatic stress syndrome before resources were available in the airline industry to help survivors cope. At the time of Sandy's crash, the concept of critical incident stress management was only partially developed. Sandy tells the story of the crash and the history of critical incident stress management's entry into the aviation industry.









Price: $20.00

Falling Apart: Avoiding, Coping With and Recovering from Stress Breakdown
Michael Epstein and Sue Hosking

Falling Apart shows you how to avoid stress breakdown, or how to cope with life if you or someone close to you has experienced a breakdown. This break-through book includes simple strategies for dealing with the many problems we encounter in today's stressful world and for handling the dilemmas that confront those recovering from a breakdown.