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Dr. David J. Fair

President and C.E.O. Homeland Crisis Institute
Crisis Intervention, Training, Consulting and Response
Executive Director Crisis Response Chaplain
Services - Chaplaincy Training and Response
Licensed Peace Officer, Author, Speaker, Trainer
in Crisis Chaplaincy, Intervention and Compassion

Dr. David J. Fair

David J. Fair is President of the American Association of Police Officers, a non profit corporation providing training and education to officers and chaplains. Fair is a veteran
law enforcement officer, currently a reserve deputy sheriff. He also holds licenses/certifications as a Texas Mental Health Officer, an Instructor, and Forensic Hypnotist.

Dr. Fair is a master chaplain with the International Conference of Police Chaplains and is immediate past chair of the groupís Education Committee and a former board member. He is currently on the ICPC Disaster Committee, as a Disaster Chaplain. He holds a master chaplain designation from Chaplain Fellowship Ministries.

Chaplain Fair serves on the advisory board of the National Association of Church and School Security. He additionally is a member of the West Central Texas Council of Governments Emergency 9-11 advisory committee.

Fair holds a Level Three Certification from the Academy of Certified Chaplains a part of the American Psychotherapist Association a division of the American College of Forensic Examiners, International.

Fair, is serving with the Texas Military Forces, TXSG-HQ, as a Major, and was chaplain for the 111 EN BN for two years. He currently serves with the Standing Joint Interagency Task Force (STIATF-TX). Fair has been awarded the Military Emergency Management Specialist designation.

Major Fair has served as a briefer on Operational and Combat Stress for the Camp Bowie Training Center. Has deployed on state active duty for a number of hurricanes, and served with Operation Lone Star.

Chaplain Fair is the recipient of the Texas Adjutant Generalís Individual Award Ribbon for, ďMeritorious conduct in performance of outstanding service during Hurricane Dolly, response and recovery.

He is certified in Homeland Security at Level IV (CHS-IV), and also carries certification in Disaster Preparedness and Sensitive Security Information. Fair, is a presenter for the Board of Certification in Homeland Security, having developed the course, Terrorism Trauma Syndrome.

Fair serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for Inside Homeland Security Magazine where he also writes their Chaplainís Column.

Dr. Fair is a member of the Board of Professional Advisors for the National Center for Crisis Management / American Academy of Experts is Traumatic Stress. He holds their Board Certifications as Expert in Traumatic Stress, School Crisis Response, Crisis Chaplaincy and Forensic Traumatology.

Fair is a past member of the Ethics and Professional Policy Committee of the American College of Medical Quality.

Dr. Fair, a longtime emergency medical services technician and volunteer firefighter, servers on the City of Brownwood (TX) Emergency Services District Committee, as well as the police and fire committee. He is Chairman of the Brownwood-Brown County Emergency Medical Services Oversight Committee

He is retired as a member of the Mid- Tex Council for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Central Texas MHMR Board of Trustees, and the Adult Protective Services Advisory Board

Dr. Fair is an ordained minister. He holds a PhD is Pastoral Counseling and Psychology from Bethel Bible College and Seminary and a doctorate in Clinical Christian Counseling from Center Christian University.

Fair is a longtime member of the Brownwood City Council and a former Municipal Judge and Justice of the Peace.

Dr. Fair, is on the facility of Wayne E. Oates Institute, and is a professor at Bethel Bible College and Seminary. Fair is also a member of the Commission on Forensic Education. He has presented for the American Humane Society, the International Conference of Police Chaplains, Tarleton University, Texas State Technical College, and Howard Payne University. He is currently enrolled in the Texas State University, Professional Military Education program.

Fair is a former board member of the Green Cross Traumatology Institute, and former board member of the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists.

Dr. Fair is Chaplain Emeritus of the Brownwood Police Department having recently retired after 20 years of service and retired from Brownwood Regional Medical Center as Chaplain following 25 years of service. He is a Senior Chaplain for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Fair is past CEO of Crisis Response Chaplain Services and is CEO of the Homeland Crisis Institute.

During police chaplaincy and military service Dr. Fair was deployed to New York following 911, to east Texas for the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster, and to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Dolly, Gustav, and Ike.

He has written dozens of articles concerning chaplaincy and trauma and authored a book, Mastering Law Enforcement Chaplaincy. He writes a Chaplain Column for Officer.Com.

He is married and he and his wife have three daughters and four granddaughters.


Dr. David J. Fair travels from Texas, United States. For more information regarding US, international and keynote speaker fees please contact Ms. Annmarie Arleo, Director of Operations, by email at or by telephone at 800-810-7550.







This course is designed to teach people how to intervene in a crisis. It's simple format allows peer groups, human resources personnel, school counselors, officers, EMT's, ministers and others how to help a person who has just received bad news or gone through a crisis incident. It is non clinical in nature but it's proven track record makes it a must learn for anyone who will be dealing with those who have experienced a trauma. Primarily designed for lay people who are responding to or dealing with a local disaster.

This training is designed for professionals who are involved in the helping professions, such as police officers, firefighters, medics, counselors, and the like. It's emphasis is learning to take care of yourself.

This training covers the basics of setting up a Crisis Chaplain program in your agency or business. In plain language it tells you how to write your program, ways of funding and then attracting clergy.

Is your agency, organization, or business ready for the death of a co-worker,fire or flood that affects workers, or a shooting on premises? Homeland Crisis Institute staff will evaluate your group, and then make recommendations for drafting a plan, and training your staff.

This training covers how to handle the management groups of people who have experienced trauma. Drawing from the CISM and ATSM philosophies, you will be taught how to handle people until professionals arrive



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