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Dr. David Powers

Founder, Master of the Art of Living

Dr. David Powers

Dr. David Powers is an adventurer, philosopher, and pioneer and lives a life of constant experimentation. His life's compass is "to seek out adventure in everything he does by being intentional, determined, and unstoppable and by energizing and outfitting others to embark on their own adventures". He fulfills his purpose through speaking and books and is a best-selling author in psychology and education. He is a decorated veteran of the Marine Corps and a founding member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He is married and the proud father of four feral boys and one princess that he and his wife homeschool. His mission in life is to find the magical best mug of coffee in the world.

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Dear Meeting Planner,
I know you're bombarded not only with planning your event, but also with a lot of requests to speak at that event. I'd like to do my best to be easy to work with and help you decide if I'm right for you or not.
Here are the top ten reasons to hire me...
1. I look different.
Translation- The visual of my large beard, bald pate, and physically impressive frame engages the sense of sight along with hearing in my presentations and the audience is more apt to remember what the 'big bearded guy said' more so than many other speakers.
2. I practice presentation Zen.
Translation- I won't lull the audience to sleep with a boring slide show or a monotone voice.
3. I'll kick you into gear.
Translation- I find that motivation and inspiration are sometimes fleeting. I prefer to issue challenges that moves change from a thought to an action.
4. I won't picture you in your underwear.
Translation- That's just gross. I'll find another way to ease my own nervousness so that I can see the audience both as they are and as they want to be.
5. I may burp, trip, or cry during my presentation.
Translation- I'm not perfect, and I don't want to be. I find that audiences relate better to speakers who are real and genuine in what they're talking about, instead of perfectly polished speakers with memorized note cards.
6. I'll educate you in relevant pop culture trivia.
Translation- With our constant access to media in so many ways, people absorb a tremendous amount of information from movies, television, books, and magazines. I enjoy using pop culture information to establish a link with the audience and enforce my points.
7. I'm a superhero.
Translation- We all have a unique and particular superpower. Mine is to use my resources and analytical abilities to deliver a presentation that will ignite the superpowers of those in the audience.
8. I'm a mad scientist.
Translation- I'm a certified genius, member of Mensa, have six college degrees, and read 50 books a year. I certainly don't know everything, but I do aim to give what I know to others.
9. I'm the most interesting man in the world.
Translation- At least my kids think I am. My DRD4 dopamine receptor gene is very healthy. The DRD4 is referred to by scientists as 'the novelty gene', which means that I am genetically gifted to seek out new things. I try just about everything, even if it scares the liquid out of me. I enjoy using my experiences to inspire and motivate people to try new and daring things.
10. I'm done.
Translation- I have 42 more pages of why you should hire me, but I feel that the best speakers know when to cut it off.

Oh, wait...I have a BONUS reason- I'll be a cheerleader for your event or company.
My social media kung fu is very strong. At a recent conference, my tweets and posts generated a lot of marketing value for the conference, even from people who did not attend but belonged to the same industry.
This included...
Over 83,000 people reached through retweets and shares. This doesn't even include my own following of more than 19K people.
26 new Follows and Friends
I don't charge extra for talking about your event. It's just something I love to do.


Dr. David Powers travels from Surfside Beach, South Carolina, United States. For more information regarding US, international and keynote speaker fees please contact Ms. Annmarie Arleo, Director of Operations, by email at or by telephone at 800-810-7550.







Mason's Crossing
This presentation is adapted from a funeral sermon David W. Powers delivered for Mason Van Buren, his nephew who lived for six days in a Neonatal ICU. It is a heart-wrenching story that leads attendees to value and cherish each day.

Red Team Goal Maneuvering
Red Team Goal Maneuvering is a new way of making goals happen. Most people set goals, but then give up on those goals when something bad happens.
Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”
That’s where Red Team thinking comes into play. A military Red Team is a group that examines, tests, and attacks installations, procedures, and programs to look for weaknesses. Then those weaknesses can be addressed or avoided.
That’s what we do with goals.
Red Team Goal Maneuvering is available as a keynote presentation or a more intensive workshop with an exciting field application experience.

550 Team-Building
550 Team Building is based on the principles of “Utilizing Small Team Tactics in Business”.
A length of military grade 550 paracord is made up of a 32 strand that contains 7 strands. Each strand has a weight capacity of 50 pounds, but together, as a single unit with the sheath, the entire cord can handle 550 pounds.
Wait…7 x 50 only equals 350 pounds, right? You’re right, the math doesn’t add up. That’s the beauty of small teams inside a larger organization. They provide a strength that is greater than the sum of the parts.
Dr. David Powers operated as a Senior NCO in military and Federal service and is an expert in the utilization of small teams in pressure tested environments when bullets are flying. Let him help you see how small teams can transform your organization.
550 Team Building is available as a keynote presentation or a more intensive workshop with an exciting field application experience.

Dr. David Powers- Actor, Author, and Comic Book Character (Autograph Session)
Dr. David Powers has lived a life famous for its weirdness. His medical career spans the gamut from military and Federal medical positions to civilian EMS. If you've seen him, you'll remember him, most likely because of the fierce red beard. Aside from medicine, Dr. Powers has also acted in movies like The Divergent SeriesI- Allegiant, the trailer for Last of Our Days, and appeared as himself in several comic books. Come meet him, get an autograph and touch his beard to see if it's real.

Note to Conference staff: Sessions such as these are usually quite popular for attendees and represent a unique opportunity for them to experience something outside the norm. At past events Dr. Dave has spoken at, sessions like these have included actors or professional athletes. Most conferences highly publicize these events in the brochure and with signage and offer them on the trade show floor at a designated time.

The cost for a session like this will not fall under the normal rate, as costs for photographs, books, or other materials to be autographed must be accounted for as well. Typically, if the conference pays for the materials, the cost of the session is included. Most conferences take this opportunity to have a sponsor pay the cost and host the session rather than paying for this out of the budget for presenters.

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
Zombies are at the forefront of pop culture society in everything from comic books and television series to big budget action films.
Do they really exist? Well, not exactly like the movie version of the animated undead, but we do see creatures like them in our offices and businesses at times. The problem isn't just our colleagues though. It also affects larger operations.
Preparing for the worst can help us appreciate and navigate the present. This tongue-in-cheek seminar on apocalyptic survival methods will both entertain and educate listeners as it blends lessons from epidemiology, emergency preparedness, medicine, and personal combat.

My Wife Hates Me, My Kids Don't Know Me, and I Think I Have a Dog
There are seven key areas of life that we all experience or should if we only made the time. Instead of balancing our lives as we should, we all spend too much time somewhere to the detriment of the other areas in life. It could be work, hobbies, education, or anything that takes too much priority.
For many of us it usually happens to be work. This imbalance has an impact on all parts of our lives and can cause disastrous consequences. It endangers our relationships, our success, and even our own lives.
Find out what it means to balance your life for maximum enjoyment and hopefully get back to knowing those people you call friends and family. Think about how it could make everything better at work, at home, and at play.
My Wife Hates Me, My Kids Don’t Know Me, and I Think I Have a Dog is available as a keynote presentation or a more intensive workshop experience. There is also a book available that is based on the presentation.



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Grand Strand Regional Medical Center

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Horry-Georgetown Technical College

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