The National Center's Directory of Expert Witnesses is offered as a public service by the National Center for Crisis Management in collaboration with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. Professionals listed in the Directory have joined the membership of the National Center for Crisis Management and have demonstrated a commitment to the advancement of support and intervention before, during and in the aftermath of traumatic events and crisis situations. Membership with the Center and identification in the Professional Directory does not attest to an individual's ability to treat survivors of trauma.

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Workshops, Presentations and Seminar Topics

Domestic Violence - Understanding the Cycle of Violence

This presentation focuses on how to help those affected by domestic violence (e.g., children and women). It was developed to assist all educators, attorneys and mental helath professionals in their efforts to assist vivtims of domestic violence.

Children's Mental Health -- Understanding the Common Mental Health Disorders Among Children

This presentation focuses on the defining, understanding and treating the most common mental health disorders that affect children's functioning.

Reducing Anger and Calming People Down

This presentation focuses on strategies to work more effectively with angry people. It is geared toward implementing such strategies in the workplace environment. Information will be provided regarding how such strategies can be used to reduce workplace conflict, violence and crises.

Anger Management

This presentation focuses on helping children and adults with anger management difficulties develop strategies that reduces and/or controls the expression of anger.

Stress Management

This presentation focuses on helping childen and adults to develop and implement strategies that reduce the stress that adversely impacts daily functioning.

Cooperative Discipline - Helping Teachers and Administrators with Classroom Management

This presentation will focus on helping teachers and administrators to develop skills and strategies to lead to reduced violence and conflict and promotes greater cooperation and learning. Bullyproofing and peace education, among other strategies, will be discussed.

Art Therapy and Play Therapy- Techniques and Philosophy for Traumatized Children

This presentation will demonstrate how Art Therapy and Play Therapy can be used to help reduce symptoms and functional impairments in traumatized children.

Following is a partial list of organizations with whom Stacey Brown has interviewed, consulted or trained:

Lee County Florida School District

Lee County Foundation for Public Schools

Florida Gulf Coast University

Barry University

Foundation for Professional Development

Abuse, Counseling and Treatment, Inc.

International Association of Administrative Professionals

Florida Counselors Association Conference

CHADD of Lee County, Florida

Charter Glade Hospital

Human Services Foundation

Lexington Country Club

Vince Smith Center

Lee County Florida Library System

Outreach Drug and Alcohol Center

NBC-2 News - (weekly commentary and interviews)