Dr. Darling G. Villena-Mata

  • Consultant, Trainer, Educator

Dr. Villena-Mata has worked in the field of trauma in various capacities. Since 1986, she has worked in direct services in the areas of child abuse and domestic violence. Later she worked with victims and survivors of torture and rape due to societal traumas (U.S. and international). She has been on boards of directors and committees for various organizations and agencies, dealing with conflict resolution; health; refugee work; HIV/AIDS; and trauma’s impact on coping mechanism, specifically, safety issues, intimacy, and moving from survivor to thriver perceptions of reality.

Villena-Mata saw similarities between recipients of “isms” with adult children of childhood abuse. As there was no existing research in this area at that time, Darling went to school to find out more. The result was her dissertation, which has since been translated into a layperson’s version, accessible to clinicians, trainers, academicians, and clients alike.
Since its publication, Walking Between Winds: A Passage Through Societal Trauma - Discrimination's Impact on Love, Safety, Health, and Conflict, the book has been used in a variety of ways. Examples of book use: First Nations and nongovernmental organizations, such as Global Peace Hut in their training of their providers and clientele of displaced people and refugees from Uganda, Rwanda, and Sudan. Book provided models and approaches to healing and recovering from current societal traumas.

In terms of degrees, Darling holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology with concentration in Trauma and Conflict Studies; M.A. in Clinical Psychology. She is also a certified hypnotherapist and is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). As a hypnotist and traumatologist, Villena-Mata is asked by services providers to assist them,who have clients dealing with psychological traumas. This particular part of her practice is by referral only.
Dr. Villena-Mata is a former editor to Nonviolent Change Journal. She has also written on such topics as the ramifications of societal trauma on recipients; development of safety and trust; and impact of grief on identity formation.

She was an associate professor of psychology at Northern Virginia Community College as well as a member of their Global Affairs Committee.

She was college-wide chairperson of psychology for all the campuses for three years. She holds a consultation and training practice in Washington State.

Dr. Darling Villena-Mata may be reached at 505.273.1701



Contact Information

Dr. Darling G. Villena-Mata
Mason Neck, VA

Telephone: 505.273.1701

Profession: Consultant, Trainer, Writer

Specialty: Macro (group/societal) and micro (individuals and families) levels of trauma's impact on grief vis-a-vis identity formation, conflict reso;ution, effects on body-mind collaboration


Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress
Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
Fellow, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress