Dr. David A. Slier

  • Clinical Psychologist

Dr. David A. Slier is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in La Mesa, CA and provided services from September 2005-2012 at the Naval Medical Center San Diego where he provides all DOD-VA recognized evidenced based treatments for combat trauma. Until mid 2008, during a period of critical military surge and war zone injury, he was selected as the sole clinical psychologist providing treatment through the Deployment Health Center, NMCSD. Dr. Slier introduced and provided the individual and group, evidenced based, sleep and nightmare treatments, as well as group Cognitive Processing Therapy PTSD treatment. He was among the first, during this current war cycle, to address through clinical practice the impact of combat related, moral injury. Dr. Slier participated in the development of the first prototype of a combat PTSD residential program at NMCSD.

Dr. Slier initiated and coordinated the first Holocaust Remembrance Day at NMCSD on 02 April 2010, honoring the 65th Anniversary of the American Liberation of the Concentration Camps. Dr. Slier 9 of every 10 member's of the Slier family (estimated to be several hundred) perished in the Holocaust. A beloved relative, Deborah Slier and her husband, Ian Shine, authored “Hidden Letters” of which Jack Polak, Chairman Emeritus of the Anne Frank Center, USA, has written: “This is the best Holocaust book I’ve read, and I’ve read them all.” A curriculum for this book is available for teaching secondary education students through Star Bright Books, New York. This text’s historical scholarship of Jewish life during World War II and its literary rendering of members of the Slier family provide an accessible and depthful understanding of the Holocaust and its intergenerational legacy.

Dr. Slier initiated and coordinated a memorial service that commemorated war related events on 02 July 1967. This was the single worst day of causalities for the Marine Corps in the Vietnam War, and especially, Bravo Company, 1st Battalion 9th Marines ( The Walking Dead ), which lost 60 marines on 02 July 1967. Dr. Slier had witnessed as a combat marine, aspects of the aftermath of 02 Jul67, during Operation Buffalo. Until 02 July 2010, forty-three years later, there had never been a memorial service to commemorate this event. This event promoted community based healing through participation of survivors, multigenerational family members, friends, veterans, members of the Southern California community, and NMCSD Marine Wounded Warrior Detachment.

Dr. David A. Slier completed a Ph.D. and M.A. in Psychology; Ed. S., School Psychology; and M.A., Educational Psychology. Dr. Slier has trained in the following therapies: 1) Gestalt, 2) Client-Centered, 3) Analytical, 4) Object Relations, 5) Cognitive Behavioral, 6) Prolonged Exposure, 7) EMDR, and 8) Cognitive Processing.

Dr. Slier’s dissertation research was the first clinical conceptual reformulation of Martin Buber’s I-Thou relationship. It provided a processing reformulation of a therapeutically, prototypical relation that has been identified in several existential and analytical approaches as central to the conceptualization of its model. Trauma and crisis based case studies were provided. The committee chairperson, Dr. Maurice Friedman, with whom Dr. Slier was privileged to do his research, is a world recognized expert on the works of Martin Buber.

Dr. Slier’s clinical experience has included individual, group, and family treatment, as well as supervision and consultation in numerous trauma and crisis related settings. Settings include: a) child and adult day treatment, b) crisis residential treatment, c) long-term residential treatment for schizophrenia, d) skilled nursing facilities, e) hospitals, f) outpatient treatment centers, and g) private practice. Treatment populations include: 1) emotionally disturbed, and abused children, 2) schizophrenic adults, 3) domestically violent, abused and abusing adults, 4) medically disabled, psychologically ill adults, 5) survivors of politically based torture, and 6) combat stress injured and bereaved active duty servicemen.



Contact Information

Dr. David A. Slier
La Mesa, CA

Telephone: 619-992-7393

Profession: Licensed Clinical Psychologist; Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Specialty: Adult Evidenced-Based Treatment of PTSD, Sleep Treatment for Insomnia and Nightmares, Anxiety, Depression, Holocaust-related Trauma and Bereavement

Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

Fellow, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress