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Gregory B. Clark, M.A. I am a Fellow with AAETS and the NCCM. I am also a Diplomate with the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy (and the 1993 recipient of the Institute’s “International Statue of Responsibility.”)

I am a Vietnam veteran (WIA ’68,) and a I flew Search & Rescue helicopters for 8 years (’78-’80 in California, and ’81-’85 in Iowa.) In 1983 I helped initiate, and facilitated a Vietnam Veterans Support Group in Cedar Rapids, IA. In 1985 that work evolved into my starting the Dept. of Veterans Affairs Cedar Rapids Vet Center (a Satellite to the Moline Vet Center.) During my 14 yr. tenure there I sought to provide outreach services to the rural veteran community in N.E. Iowa. and S.W. Wisconsin., and in 1995 started the Prairie du Chien, WI. Vet Center Outstation (to the Cedar Rapids Satellite.)

In 1987, a fellow Vietnam veteran (medic) and I co-founded the first CISM team in Iowa, providing education and debriefings to EMS, Fire, and LEA services in Eastern Iowa. I was active in this until the late 90s. It was then that my rural outreach work in N.E. Iowa and S.W. Wisconsin became increasingly more demanding of my presence and in 1999 I left the V.A. to provide full time service to this rural veteran community through my new private practice.

Independently I have also provided debriefings to individuals, families, and industry. I am a CISM “debriefer” for a number of Insurance companies. During my time in Cedar Rapids, I provided a debriefing for the “debriefers” from Iowa who participated in the Oklahoma City Bombing aftermath. In the wake of “Katrina,” I was federally deployed (SAMHSA-contracted) to New Orleans as a “Trauma Counselor” on one of their teams. I am currently a member of the S.W. Wisconsin CISM team. I have made numerous (national and international) presentations on “PTSD and Logotherapy”. I have been a visiting lecturer to the University of Iowa’s Vocational Rehabilitation Graduate Program and to the University’s “Loss & Trauma” class for a number of years, providing education to the benefit and techniques of Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy for adaptively coping with unavoidable suffering. I have also provided similar presentations to the University of Wisconsin, the University of Northern Iowa, and Viterbo University (La Crosse, WI.)

In 2006 I developed a syllabus for, and presently teach, a course in “Disaster Psychology” (required for the Emergency and Disaster Management Degree) through Upper Iowa University. This course is provided through U.I.U.’s “Extended University Program” which allows for participation from around the world.

In my solo private practice in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, I provide general counseling services to the public in rural N.E. Iowa and S.W. Wisconsin. I also travel and provide contracted counseling services to the rural veteran communities in 3 N.E. Iowa counties, and serve the veterans of rural S.W. Wisconsin from my practice in Prairie du Chien. Through a Dept. of Defense contract with MHN, I also serve as a “Military Family and Life Consultant,” providing education and other services to returning Iraqi and Afghanistani veterans and their families.
I have over 25 years experience working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression & Anxiety, Aggression & Anger Management, Communication Training, OC(P)D, Grief & Guilt, Addictions, Purpose in Life, and other mental health issues thatnegatively affect the quality of personal, work, and spiritual life.

As an Educator/Trainer, some of my speaking opportunities have included:

- The Second Annual Vietnam Veteran Ministers Conference, 1991

- The Eighth World Congress of Logotherapy, 1991

- The First World Conference of the International Society for Traumatic Stress
Studies, 1992

- The Second World Congress of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation,

- The First National Convention on Forgiveness, 1993

During my travels, I try to coordinate a free lecture (e.g. to hospitals/hospice, colleges, etc.) in my continuing effort to share Frankl’s teachings on detecting “Meaning in Suffering,” and the benefit and means of pursuing “Meaningful Living.”

I provide Counseling, Consulting, and Speaking services through my private practice at:

Great River Counseling
225 N. Beaumont Rd.
Prairie du Chien, WI. 53821



Contact Information

Mr. Gregory B. Clark
Garnavillo, IA

Telephone: 608-326-0420

Profession: General Psychotherapy, Traumatology, Purpose/Meaning in Life

Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress
Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
Fellow, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress