Irene Barath

  • Instructor at the Ontario Police College Criminal Investigations Training Unit

Irene Barath Bio: My educational background consists of a BA in Law and Psychology from the Carleton University in Ottawa. In addition I have completed courses related to stress with emergency services personnel. As a serving police officer for 15 years I have observed peers deal with stress in negative and positive ways. My policing background is diverse but my primary duties dealt with conducting criminal investigations.

Currently, I am an instructor at the Ontario Police College where I am responsible for the design and delivery of training in the areas of Sexual Assault Investigations, Investigating Offences Against Children and internet investigations relating to child pornography and luring. These are difficult areas for investigators to work in particularly where children are the victims of heinous offences.

In addition I facilitate training to both new and experienced police officers in the area of CISM and stress management. I have authored two articles on Stress Management for police officers and have another waiting publication. The newest article discusses results of research projects undertaken in 2006 examining the areas of stress management and performance for recruits utilizing a use of force scenario and ongoing research into stress identification and management for experienced police officers.

The research with the recruits was conducted in partnership with the Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Social Work and the Assistant Professor from the Faculty of Medicine, both from the University of Toronto and a Professor from the University of Prince Edward Island. The purpose of the research with recruits and experienced officer is to examine areas where stress is impacting on officers abilities to enjoy their lives at work and at home to the fullest.

Irene Barath
Ontario Police College
Team Leader
Criminal Investigations Training Unit



Contact Information

Mrs. Irene Barath
Aylmer, ON

Telephone: 519-773-4458

Profession: Criminal Justice; Police Officer

Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress
Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
Fellow, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress