Dr. Naomi K. Paget

  • Chaplain and Crisis Interventionist

Dr. Naomi K. Paget: My contribution to the fields of crisis management and traumatic stress is rooted in my theological and clinical education in the areas of crisis chaplaincy and psychotrauma intervention. My doctoral project centered on creating a training program to prepare community clergy and laity to provide appropriate psychological first aid during and after critical events. I have also completed training in numerous crisis intervention courses including critical incident stress management for individuals and groups, suicide intervention, traumatic stress, grief after crisis, crisis intervention for children, pastoral crisis intervention, and response to aviation incidents. I have earned certification in disaster psychology, as a grief and loss counselor, as a mass prophylaxis distribution coordinator, and other crisis related certificates. I continue to seek training and education in the field of crisis and trauma through national conferences and seminars.

My clinical practice today, as a chaplain and crisis interventionist for the FBI and for disaster relief organizations such as the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, provides many opportunities to work with people in times of crisis over a broad spectrum of events, situations, and agencies.

Many years of clinical experience have given me experiential knowledge informing the academic knowledge gained in formal education. I have worked with victims of various major natural disasters (China earthquakes, Hurricane Katrina, San Diego wildfires), worked with victims of terrorism and other homicides (9/11, Shanksville, Columbine), and worked with victims of individual and community crisis (multi-car accidents, arson, murder). Experience and a recognized level of expertise have created a demand for my services, consultation, and deployment with national relief organizations, the military, and academia. I create training programs, consult, teach (for ICISF, Red Cross, FBI, NAMB Disaster Relief, Golden Gate and Denver Seminaries), write curriculum, present at numerous conferences, and do field interventions.



Contact Information

Rev. Dr. Naomi K. Paget
Fountain Hills, AZ

Telephone: 480-621-6395

Profession: Chaplaincy

Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress