Dr. Ritchi Morris

  • Founder and Director of Vital Quests

Dr. Ritchi Morris is the founder and director of Vital Quests, an Integrative Medicine health and performance improvement group based in Hartsdale, NY and Stamford, Ct. He is an Integrative Medicine licensed Clinical Psychologist, author, inventor, educator, and Forensics expert. He is a doctor of Integrative Medicine and has earned three different doctorates in Clinical Psychology, Naturopathy, and Holistic/Oriental Clinical Therapies, as well as three Master’s degrees. Upon graduating from Capitol University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, D.C. , in 2001, Dr Morris received the first-ever-awarded “President’s Award for Meritorious Scientific Research in Integrative Medicine “In addition, he also teaches graduate/undergraduate courses in Integrative Medical methods for stress and/or mental health management, and Sports Psychology at NY area colleges/institutions and also at Capitol University . Dr. Morris has recently participated as CUIM faculty.

He has published numerous articles about Hypnosis, stress management, Sports psych., and Integrative Medicine remedies for peak performance and mental health syndromes such as PTSD, SAD, anxiety/panic disorders, depression , and phobias. “Dr. x 4” Morris has conducted seminars/workshops about his techniques throughout the world for decades.

“Chromobiotics” is the name of his integrative, natural healing and peak performance technique. Dr.Morris is the originator of “colored light hues therapy” and the inventor of the Morriscope. This is a device designed to determine EMPIRICALLY an individual's most empowering and most debilitating hues of color at the cellular level. He emphasizes that his results are an innate process and not a conscious choice. These hues can then be applied to the syndromes cited above as well as to peak performance. As a protege of Helen and John Watkins, Dr. Morris combines the Ego-state hypnosis methods with his C.L.T. approach - called "Chromonosis "- to employ this in both therapeutic and non-therapeutic areas. More details are presented on his website, www.Vitalquests.org

Dr. Morris worked extensively in the disaster relief efforts during 9/11, NYC, and Hurricanes David and Katrina. He toiled non-stop there for days. He has received numerous awards of appreciation for his efforts and continues to render services to 9/11 NYC victims and their relatives/families to date. This effort was just one of his long list of services rendered at similar disaster/trauma scenes such as Columbine High School, Colo., the Oklahoma bombings, the Arkansas school shootings, the Tsunami, and the Virginia Tech. shootings.

His trauma relief works have earned him the pioneering status and national recognition he deserves as an innovator and leader in techniques for stress/trauma management and other stress-related syndromes such as PTSD, S.A.D., anxiety/panic attacks, substance abuse, and self-abuse/mutilation.

Throughout his life, Dr. Morris has "practiced what he preaches." As a lifelong athlete, he has excelled in athletic competitions from childhood to interscholastic high school/collegiate Football, Wrestling, and Track & Field events(in all, he played football and wrestled for 21 yrs. )to a THIRD DEGREE Black Belt. He has studied/practiced in various Martial Arts for five decades and won hundreds of various championships/honors. He served his country as an Officer in the US Army Special Ops/Covert Ops units in overseas combat zones during the Vietnam Nam war era. He returned and was in a paraplegic condition with his doctors telling him that he’d “probably never walk again.” Through much arduous and painful rehabilitation he became one of the founders and pioneers of the sport of Powerlifting in America. Owing to his indomitable spirit he has gone on to win hundreds of contests in four different weight classes while setting over 100 local, state, regional, National, and/or world records – all of them DRUG-FREE. He has a trophy collection upwards of 500 awards/medals/trophies. He continues to compete in Masters Powerlifting to date.

Dr. Morris has combined this extensive training/competitive experience with his formal education to work with members of numerous Olympic, Professional, collegiate, and high school teams from many different geographic regions and in a wide array of sports/events for over THREE DECADES. This Spring training for professional baseball marks his 32nd year working with selected team members of the NY Mets, Yankees, Boston Red Sox, L.A. Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals in Florida.

Recently, “Dr. Theta” (as numerous top athletes have dubbed him) was recognized by the prestigious journal Psychology Today as: “one of America’s top 100 therapists.” His works have most currently been featured in the Fall issue of First (magazine for women on the go) and Winter 2007 edition of the APA Annals. Further, the American Psychotherapy Association has awarded him the prestigious status/honor of “Master Therapist.”



Contact Information

Dr. Ritchi Morris
Scarsdale, NY

Telephone: 914-333-9455

Profession: Clinical Psychology; PTSD


Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
Fellow, National Center for Crisis Management
Board Certified in Emergency Crisis Response