Dr. Syed Sarfraz Hussain

  • Consultant Psychiatrist-Neurologist

Dr. Syed Sarfraz Hussain Long before becoming a member of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, the geopolitical changes started taking place in Afghanistan and its territorial allied areas. Mass migration had its own impact in almost all fields to manage the financial, law and order situation in Pakistan. As cited in Journals of Psychiatry & Psychology, emigration had long-term negative affects and this includes the health sector. We witnessed the impact of PTSD in citizens of Pakistan and the refugees. The presentation of disorders were influenced by the basic cultural, religious, and psychological perceptions. It was an eye opening experience, keeping in view our limitations and skilled manpower managed the issues to the best of our abilities. Pakistan was going through a process of metamorphoses and multi-ethnic cum religious cults and groups came into existence. In the due course of time, the incidence of 9-11 further ignited the issue. The terrorism was the law of the land, Kashmir issue, Iraq, and involvement in Europe and war within the territories of Pakistan, political instability have had affected people all over the world and Southeast Asia in particular. There has been rise in physical and psychological morbidity and mortality. This reinforced the long-standing ambition to launch a Pakistan Journal of Psychiatry-Psychology-Neurology. Since the inception of Pakistan in 1947, to date no teaching hospital or allied health professionals have made an effort to address this issue. At international forums, we have been replicating the studies already published in international journals. In the near future before August 2007 following getting the publication, copyrights and intellectual property rights, a non-political, non-religious, without having a tinge of self-advertisement or pharmaceutical industry, a quarterly journal on newspaper material will be launched at international level only for academic institutions both in Pakistan and at the international level. I am in a process of establishing a dynamic website both for the patients and for health professionals to seek knowledge. This is all that my commitments are and looking after the issues day in and day out.

Dr. Syed Sarfraz Hussain, MB., MD., Ph.D.
Certified BCETS, BCEPM

Consultant Psychiatrist-Neurologist
The Retreat Lahore-Pakistan
318-H, Block H, Johar Town, Lahore-53781, Pakistan
Telephone number: 92+42+5301459/5301366
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Dr. Syed Sarfraz Hussain
Lahore, Punjab

Profession: Neurology; Psychiatry

Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress
Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
Fellow, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
Board Certified in Pain Management